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Operational Risk Management Solution for Banking Industry

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The intensely regulated Banking Sector demands enhanced predictability, sustainability and robustness in extreme scenarios. CAREWEB OPERATIONAL Risk Management Solution allows your organization to correlate enterprise risks with the strategic business decisions to help you manage risks efficiently.

Core Challenges of the Banking Industry:

Banks needs to address various kinds of risks such as Liquidity Risks, Credit Risks, Market Risks,
Operational Risks and Compliance risks. The core challenges faced by the bankng industry are:

  • Creating Risk accountability and developing a healthy risk culture
  • Establishing Risk Governance Structure
  • Communicating the various categories of risk
  • Embedding the essential controls into the operational processes

How Does CAREWEB help?

CARE™ is a holistic Risk Management Model that takes care of both the qualitative and quantitative drivers of risk.

  • CARE™ Operational Risk Management Solution empowers you with powerful data mining and analytical tools.
  • CARE™ Analytics tracks risks relating to all the functions and processes across your organization and gives you a report of the overall risk status.
  • Its ability to quantify the “Gap in the Control Environment” makes it unique from all other ORM softwares and is very useful for monitoring the risk and control environment.
  • It is very useful in designing and structuring a personalized GRC portfolio to perfectly synchronize with your business.
  • It's user friendly dashboard helps you prioritize your next move.

CAREWEB Operational Risk Management Solution helps you:

  • Define Risk Appetite:
    • Risk Appetite depends upon factors such as external environment, people, business systems, and policies. Careweb helps to determine the amount of risk and its intensity that the organization can accept.

  • Check the accuracy of audit reports and results of the ORM:
    • Risk Registers, Risk Evaluators and Risks Indicators integrated in CARE ORM Solution sends you alert on potential threats, that may not be easily noticed.

  • Addresses Liquidity, Market and Compliance risks:
    • CARE™ ORM Solution covers all types of risks and effectively allows for capturing and evaluating the controls needed to mitigate them.

  • Capital Allocation:
    • Alloting appropriate capital to the risk prone areas to be prepared for extreme risk events is important. CARE™ ORM Solution guides you strategically towards proper capital earmarking.

Careweb's ongoing research into the core banking principles of delivering high-performance businesses is committed to deliver a higher business return for your bank.

At Careweb we understand the client’s needs to stay compatible with the fast changing banking regulations and operating evnironmnet.

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