Enterprise Risk Management Software Solution for Healthcare

HealthCare Industry is a dynamic industry and is vulnerable to risks ranging from regulation, pricing, operations, strategy and assets. Careweb ERM Solution and expert Consulting can help convert your risks into opportunities to drive sustainable business value.

Intelligent Risk Assessment Software from Careweb can address these issues with measures that completely aligns with organizations' functional frameworks.

Step-by-Step Mitigation of Risk With Careweb

  • Helps you develop a broad view of the market risks and assist in management decision making.
  • Efficiently comply with Sarbanes-Oxley, and other regulatory requirements.
  • Offers an effective implementation system.
  • Achieve business values by transforming the business operations to be more risk adept

Smart businesses must identify the emerging risks quickly and take holistic view of risks. With Careweb Risk Identification Tools you can easily identify the operational, financial and reputational threats impacting healthcare.

Are you focused on the right risks?

Major Challenges faced by any healthcare practitioner are:
  • Changing trends in the payment systems
  • Inreasing regulatory requirements
  • Emerging pandemics such as H1N1 Influenza
  • Technology costs & Innovation
  • Emerging markets
  • Medical Malpractice

Why Careweb ERM Solution?

Because You Are An Exceptional Enterprise

Careweb ERM Solution for Healthcare is a configurable Software that works on a web-based platform. It can be easily embeded with audit, policy, procedures and regulatory change management. Careweb does not believe in limiting business risk analysis. It allows you to cover all types of risks facing the organization.

This multiple featured software provides:

  • Flexible Risk Management Methodology compatible with the existing framework of the organization
  • Compliance testing features
  • The ability to link compliance risks with the relevant regulations.
  • The ability to monitor risks across all functional areas and to manage clinical risks.

Functional areas include finance, operations, internal audit, quality management and regulatory compliance.

Multiple healthcare units including hospitals and clinics have benefited from CAREWeb pragmatic approach to ERM.

At Careweb, the Risk Consulting Service Team works with you to create an integrated, multidisciplinary, and cross-functional knowledge and skill sets to mitigate business risks effectively.

It's time for action

Nam adipiscing Internal Audit

The Internal Audit module is designed to help the Internal Auditors manage an engagement all the way from planning to reporting and monitoring, while utilizing up to date risk and control data throughout the process. The module is split into these functions: Planning, Scheduling, Execution, Reporting and Monitoring. The following are among the many features available in this module: